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Beyond the Yellow Ribbon of Jackson County

Beyond the Yellow Ribbon of Jackson County serves every branch of the military and their families in the rural towns of Alpha, Heron Lake, Jackson, Lakefield, Okabena, Sioux Valley and the Wilder Area. The county was officially proclaimed Sept. 16, 2011.


Each city in this county has stepped up to the plate to become an active Yellow Ribbon Steering Community and they started their march on the right foot. From the very beginning, they met with the local Family Readiness Group to hear concerns of the families of deployed Servicemembers to figure out how to assist them. They also got churches throughout the county involved to work on identifying military families.


This network raises awareness of the needs of Servicemembers and their families by networking with key areas in the county from veteran organizations and local 4H groups to city and county council boards. The Jackson County schools are stepping up as well. They have brought the program Operation Military Kids into their schools to provide support to children of deployed Servicemembers. Local law enforcement officials have volunteerd to assist deployed military families by providing extra patrols around the homes of deployed Servicemembers.


In July of 2010, when the local BCT Soldiers that were training in Fort McCoy for a deployment were given a four day pass to come home, the network heard about it and wanted to show their support. They cooked a breakfast for the Soldiers before they headed back to Fort McCoy.



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