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Community Based Warrior Transition UnitDSC_04711 

The CBWTU conducts medical holdover operations to expeditiously and effectively evaluate, treat, return to duty and/or administratively out-process Servicemembers who have suffered injury or illness while mobilized. These Servicemembers are also referred to the Veterans Health System or TRICARE Health System.


This allows injured/ill soldiers to heal at home, remain on active duty and contribute to the best of their abilities.


Benefits of CBWTU:


  • - Soldier returns to family, friends and community, which helps the healing process
  • - Reintegration support while healing
  • - Continuity of civilian medical providers helps make medical transition seamless once the Soldier is back on Reserve status
  • - Reduces stress and financial hardship of Soldier and family
  • - Unofficial trial of duty while at CBWTU
  • - Opportunity for establishing link with VA during healing process
  • - Congressional and public grass roots support


CBWTU Successes:


  • - Almost 80% of CBWTU Soldiers returned to their Guard or Reserve units and the fighting force
  • - High patient satisfaction noted by CBWTU Soldiers on Army Surgeon General surveys
  • - Widespread support for program
  • - Now considered part of Army's expansion capability for current and future conflicts




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